Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thrifty Thrifterkins

Where do you go when you have not left your house in....DAYS????  To the fabric store of course....and then quickly followed by Value Village.  Emersyn and I headed out today and made some good finds.  Emersyn found some crappy dirty old toys that I somehow managed to ditch in the shoe aisle without her noticing.  AND I found these two Fons and Porter storage boxes. 
My craft table was a DISASTER beyond words....seriously.  BUT these boxes are gonna help me keep organized (fingers crossed).  They are great too.  I am not sure how much they cost normally (I hope less than 5 bucks).  They break down flat and then velcro and snap back together and have velcro closure straps.  One is flat for quilt squares and the other is for fat quarters (not at my house though).
Perfect size for finished quilt squares (not that I have finished any recently), but this is much better than sitting on top of my book shelf---where they were until a few hours ago.
Box number 2 is the REALLY good find.  It is bigger and its new job is to hold my current projects.  So in there I have the patterns and fabric for 3 WIPs (even though I have about 20 in a box under the table).  These are the ones that will actually get done in this lifetime.
I was even excited about the bags that the boxes came in.  They are perfect for holding things too because they have snaps at the top.  This one is currently holding fabric, pattern pieces, and directions for my next project.  It is gonna be so nice to not have to dig through a pile of junk to find each thing that I am looking for.  I would love it if my WHOLE sewing room looked as good as this little corner of my steps right??????  I am thinking with some gallon size zip locks I could at least get the fabric that has a purpose organized with the patterns.....maybe another day thogh.  Any craft organization advice????

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marciekoch said...

good find, friend!! look at you - all organized and ready for a craft day! :)