Wednesday, August 18, 2010

maternity re-fashion

A while back I bookmarked a few maternity re-fashion tutorials for when the time came for me to finally use them.  Well....the most needed for me came from homemade by jill.  She re-fashioned a pair of jeans into a cute pencil skirt.  BTW---this tutorial could be used to make a regular (non-maternity) skirt also.  I decided that since getting ready for church has been a trial of my patience, I needed something that was not held together by hair rubberbands.  SOOOOO I dug through my yard sale box and found a pair of wide leg jeans that I thought would work. I started seam ripping before taking a before shot---oops. 
I pretty much followed her tutorial step by step.  It was pretty easy to follow and once you get started it all starts to make sense. 
My pictures are less than great, but I love this skirt.  It fits great--stays up---and matches everything. 
Here is the back.

One bit of advice---make sure your jeans are WIDE leg.  The wider the better--otherwise you wont have much room to walk.  This is a pencil skirt and so it is tight on the legs even WITH wide legs. 

When I cut of the bottom of the sewn together jeans I had a short tube of jeans---it looked just like a mini skirt.  SOOOOOO I added elastic to the top and now I have this sweet little jean skirt for Emersyn for the fall. It was so simple because it used the bottom hem of the pants, so no hemming!!!!  Seriously took me 10 minutes.  LOVE THAT!!!

Here is a useless picture of Atty Catty, but she followed me up and watched me take pictures of myself.  Probably wondering what the heck her stupid human was thinking.  Anyway I just think she is the cutest and does not get enough blog time:)


Rosie said...

Cute Jess. I've always wanted to make the jeans to skirt and haven't. Maybe I will try it now.

Atty gets PLENTY of blog time. Trust me.

Kara @ Craftastical! said...

What a cute idea! Any way to get some variety in maternity wear for cheap would have been welcome when I was pregnant. I was so sick of my maternity clothes by then end of my pregnancies!

I love the 2nd skirt too!

Thanks for linking up at Craftastical!