Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BackPack BackPack!!!

SOOOO I told you 2 things yesterday.  Number 1 that I sewed---TRUE.  Number 2 that I was feeling much better---NOT TRUE!!!!  I got hit last night and today and UGHHH....I am bummed.  I guess one day of semi-productiveness was more than I could ask for at this time.  (sigh).  THIS is the project I worked on yesterday.  The GO TO DRESS from THE TRAIN TO CRAZY. 
Cute right????  Well that is HER version.  I love it.  Look at how cute her little girlie looks in it too.

Love it.  I also LOVED that she made the pattern and tutorial and gave them away FOR FREE.  Seriously---who does that???  It was a great pattern.  Easy to follow (even for me and I NEVER use patterns).  The only problems I had were my own fault.  I guess sewing is not like riding a bike because after a month off----I SUCKED!!!!  I also learned a lot about sewing with knits----and I WILL be trying this one again.
Here is my version.  I only magaged to get 2 crumby blurry pictures of my unhappy model before she peed her pants (I guess I should have stopped her from sucking the water out of the squirt bottle) and our photo shoot was over.  BUMMER.
Great pictures huh????  UGHH.  I swear it looks cuter in real life:)  My only problems with it....the neck hole is too big. fault.  I did not gather the top up enough.  BUT I will do better next time and I am thinking a few short rows of shirring or a little elastic to pleat it up might help---any suggestions???? 
I also made mine shorter---more a tunic shirt---because once again I messed up and had to re-cut.  It is a miracle it even looks like a shirt after all of my mistakes. Live and learn---right??? 
For the sleeves I used the fabric I got at GoodWill a while back...Gotta love cheapo fabric!!!
For the rest I used this shirt that I got for myself at Value Village.  I loved it for ONE day until I found out that I had a little visitor for the next nine months and realized that after that FIRST day it no longer fit.  I used the belt for the neck and elastic casing and the bottom of the shirt for the dress. 
Because I hate failure and still love the idea of the GO TO DRESS, I hit up Value Village today for some knits. 
This is what I came up with.
I doubt I will make all three color combos, but if I do better than last time----who knows???
I also scored this cute orange scarf (I am thinking hankie skirt for Em), Pink and teal knit (just too cute to pass up), and this random orange and teal plaid (no reason). 
I also got this fitted sheet (don't you love how I attempted to fold it and gave up??---I think I need my mom to re-teach me).  This sheet is never going on a bed in my house, but the fabrics were sooooo cute.  I thought that it would look cute as skirts, or jumpers, or dresses.   I have lots (a whole full sized sheet). 
Emersyn thinks it is a tent. 
She was also a very happy girl when she found this "Pack Pack."  Guess why she thinks owning a backpack is SOOOOOO fun (hint: it rhymes with Laura)????  Soo One day of sewing, One day of fun fabric finds, One Happy little Dora Fan----I would have to say that we might not be 100% yet, but we must at least be on the up-swing!!!!  Fingers CROSSED!!!!!

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