Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

SOOOO I had a bit of a FAIL week this week.  Somwhere along the way I ate at McDonalds, ice-cream was involved in one of my days, a high school basketball game with candy and popcorn made an appearance...oh wait that was all SATURDAY!!!  UGHHH.  Then like always I felt like I had already screwed up so I might as well give up for the week.  I KNOW I KNOW!!!  STUPID!!!  BUT all in all it turned out ok.  I LOST 1 pound.  WOHOO!!!  Not as great as last week, but better than gaining TWO right???  I LOVED the comments, emails, messages, and phone calls I got this week.  TONS of support THANKS!!  I also loved hearing everyone's advice and feedback, so KEEP IT COMING.  It really does help to know that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE.  Which is why I took the advice of TWO OF YOU LOVELY GALS and started using MYFITNESSPAL again. 
I have used it on and off before, but never with friends.  SOOO right now I only have one friend.  If you wanna be my weight loss buddy (hahaha) just shoot me an email!!!  I also agreed somewhere in my crazed ice-cream eating madness to do a 5K (note I said do and not run---no guarantees!!!). 

I had a few new snack finds this week.  MY FAVORITE...

Sweet Chili Quakes mini rice cakes.  OH MY GOODNESS.  They are like really good healthy(er) Doritos.  I am in love with these right now. LOVE!!
Not quite as much love, but still a pretty good crush going on the white cheddar rice cakes.  They are fine plain, but REALLY good with avacado smushed on them...YUM!! I mean what isn't good with some smushed avacado????
I am also loving SWISS MISS DIET cocoa.  I mean 25 can you not love that???  It works great when I am down to the end of my calories, but do not want to go to bed yet....LATE NIGHT CHOCOLATE.  Just do not drink the regular stuff EVER AGAIN and you will not remember what you are missing :)

And I tried a new workout---since I had done Jillian's all of ONE darn time (I suck), I decided to try Bob.  The Biggest Loser Power Walk video.  I REALLY like working out with the chubby Biggest Loser people more than the SKINNY TONED gals in the regular videos.  I feel like I am the top of the class..haha!!!  Plus it is walking, but with some KICK.  I like that you walk a mile, get sweaty, and can carry around a toddler while you do it.  That is kind of the barometer at my house right now...can my howler monkey child cling to my neck while I do it???? SUCCESS!! 
How did you all do???  This weeks goal....stop eating so MUCH of all my healthy snacks...Because a bag of rice cakes a day is probably NOT a good weight loss tool!!!

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MsMsMom said...

I need a friend on my fitness pal. i'm a new crafter and also need to lose baby fat i've been holding on tooooo long