Thursday, February 9, 2012

Books of 2011

SOOOO I just realized that I have a HALF COMPLETED list of books from 2011 on my sidebar....what a loser I am sometimes.  I always have great intentions, but then life happens and the kids eat cat poop, or break my glasses in half, or dump nutella all over my floor, or unroll a roll of toilet paper and then try to flush it down the toilet.  AND THEN I forget all about my little blog and keeping it up to date.  SOOO although it is OVER a month behind schedule (and mostly just for me), here is the list of books I read in 2011.  I must start out by saying that last year I read 39 books and this year only 25....BUMMER!!!  I guess having kid # 2 took up a little bit of my spare time:) 
* =  my favorites!!

1. The Amish Midwife--Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould
2.  The Wildflower Bride--Mary Connealy
*3.  Heartless--Anne Elisabeth Stengl
4.  Slay It With Flowers---Kate Collins
5.  The Linen Queen--Patricia Falvey
6.  Journey To Riverbend---Henry McLaughlin
*7.  Wench---Dolen Perkins-Valdez
8.  Real Simple Solutions---Real Simple Magazine
9. 365 Activities You And Your Toddler Will Love--Nancy Wilson Hall
10.  Baby Love--Norah O'Donnell
11.  The One Minute Cleaner--Donna Smallin
**12.  A Distant Melody---Sarah Sundin
**13.  A Memory Between Us---Sarah Sundin
14.  Something Borrowed--Emily Giffin
*15. Nowhere Carolina--Tamara Leigh
16.  The Girl In The Gatehouse--Julia Klassen
**17. The Forgotten Garden---Kate Morton
18.  Rachel's Secret---BJ Hoff
19.  Where Grace Abides---BJ Hoff
20.  Beside Still Waters---Tricial Goyer
21.  Love Finds You in Pedleton Oregon---Melody Carlson
*22.  The Shape of Mercy--Susan Meissner
**23.  The Tea Rose--Jennifer Donnelly
**24.  The Winter Rose--Jennifer Donnelly
**25.  The Winter Sea---Susan Kearsley

A book every 2 weeks isn't bad, but to keep myself sane, I am going to aim for 40 in 2012:)

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