Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little of this and a little of THAT!!!

SOOO first things first....I took the week off from weighing in.  I had a CRAFTING RETREAT this weekend and so I decided to enjoy myself rather than counting calories.  I will weigh in again next week and see what harm I did my eating catered food and LOTS of candy:)  Who knows...maybe the dozen chocolate chip cookies I ate last night will ACTUALLY eat the fat cells...I am not a scientist, but it could happen!!!

Speaking of my retreat...I am already looking forward to next year.  I had  a BLAST!!!  I was hoping to get a quilt top done, but only finished 2/3 or the blocks.  I did get a sideache from laughing and a headache from staying up until 2 in the morning.  So  I guess I was a little productive:)  I also used my sewing machine...which was a big step since I have been a NON sewer for WAY too long.  I cannot remember the last quilt I worked on (sad I know), but I DO know that I got the fire started again and I will NOT be taking a long break again for a WHILE!!! 
ANDDDD last but not least...the first completed book of the year!!! 
The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly.  This is the 3rd book in her ROSE series.  I FLEW throught the first 2, but this one took me MUCH longer to get in to.  Her writing was as good, but I was not LOVING the characters.  They ALL had a bad side, so I had a hard time choosing who I would root for.  I didn't even know WHO I wanted to end up staying together in the end...I actually hoped for a few of them to die so that I would not have to hear about all of their troubles any more.  BUT all in all despite my disgust with the character's choices, I would give a thumbs up. 
This book was about Seamie...the last brother in the Finnegan family.  He made an appearance in book 2 where he climbs Kilimanjaro with the girl he loves(Willa) and then she falls and destroys her leg, which later has to be amputated.  She blames him for losing her leg and leaves him in Africa.  THIS book picks up when he returns to London and SHE is at Mt. Everest. He is moving on with his life (and his pregnant wife) when Willa returns to London for her father's funeral.  Everything goes down hill at that point for EVERYONE.  Everyone is telling lies.  Everyone is sneaking around.  EVERYONE drove me nuts!!!  PLUS WWI is about to break out and there are spies and mobsters running around making trouble.  If you have read the Tea Rose and The Winter Rose, you should for sure pick up where you left off and read the conclusion of the story.  It is nice to know what has happened to ALL of the other characters that we have gotten to know in the other books.  Now it is time to MOVE ON and find a new book to leave on my nighstand for 2 months:) 

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David and Kira said...

I know after watching and counting calories I run out of things to eat. SO, I thought maybe you would like some healthy food ideas. You don't have to eat any of these, but they are super easy and healthy! Green smoothies are so filling and delicious! Grapefruit!! Have you heard it has a NEGATIVE calorie count?? It takes more energy to digest it than the calories that are in the grapefruit! SWEET!! I grew up cutting the grapefruit in half and putting a spoonful of sugar on top. No, no, no, not anymore. Just peel it and eat it like an orange! YUM!! Almonds! I love them. I eat a small handful for a mid-morning or mid afternoon snack and they are filling. Eggs! 1 egg and 2 egg whites (sometimes paired with a grapefruit) for breakfast. And to kick it up a notch saute some veggies and a little ham and make an omelet! One of my favorite breakfasts!! Lettuce wraps are also so yummy for lunch! Use the lettuce as the tortilla and put all your veggies on top (tomatoes, onion, spinach, avocado and 2 TBLSP of salsa!) I make 2 for lunch and it is delicious!!

Okay, there is what I have been trying out. I lost 2 lbs this last week! My goal is 2 more by next week!

Hope you don't mind me commenting about this! Obviously I get a little excited when it comes to exercising and eating healthy!!