Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let me guess....bandanas????

 Because I am all about Equal Opportunity in this house, I decided to keep plugging away at my stack of bandanas and come up with a girlie project.  The solution....THE SHORTY SKIRT.

 It is pretty much just a simple skirt, but with a built in pair of shorts....THUS THE SHORTY PART;)  Am I the only one who thinks that dresses and skirts should come with butt covers MUCH longer than 24 months????  Seriously hate looking at panties in public!!!  Anyway. 

Before I start I have to say....I got a new camera this weekend AND LOVE IT!!!  Once again I just copied THIS LADY GENIUS and got a Canon Rebel.  It is perfect for me...lots of bells and whistles and I did not have to sell one of my kids off to get it.  BUT that being said, some of my pictures coming up are PRE new camera....That is why they are blurry and almost not worth posting.  My poor point and shoot spent a little time in 6 pieces on my floor.  It want back together and turned on...but it was never the same.  JUST SO YOU KNOW why some of the pics are so darn yucky.....NOW MOVING ON!!!
HERE is the quick and dirty version of what I did.  Sorry I don't have time for a good tutorial these days....you are lucky to get blurry crappy pictures.  Plus my sleep deprived brain has troubles putting sentences together in ANY sort of logical way....

I used an old t-shirt to make the shorts.  You could buy a cheap pair of shorts too if you want an even easier project.  But my cost for the skirt was only 1.00--the cost of the bandana (WALMART).  I MAY OR MAY NOT have stolen this shirt from daddy's closet without asking.....
THEN I did exactly what I did in BABY BROTHER'S SHORTS to get my under shorts. 
Next, I cut my bandana in half.  You will be using the seams as the bottom of the skirt, so no hemming----YAY!!!
Then I serged along the tops of both pieces to finish the edge.  You could also fold it under and hem OR flip your pieces and use the hemmed edge for the top of your skirt and then hem the bottom later.  I SERGED.  Then I sewed the two pieces together at the sides---right sides together.
That gives you a skirt without any waistband.  You could just make an elastic casing on the top and add an elastic waist and forget the shorts if you want.  I wanted shorties. 
SOOO I gathered the top.  I did this by increasing my tension to 9 and my stitch length to 5.  Flip your skirt right side out.  Then I started at one side seam and sewed along the top to the next side seam.  Your fabric should gather as you sew.    Leave a long tail of thread.  Then  start again and sew back to the first side seam.  You should have long tails at each side seam. 
Put your shorts inside your skirt.   I lined my ruffle up with the waist band seam...but you can put it wherever....depends how long you want your skirt to be.  Line up the side seams of the skirt with the side seams of the shorts and pin.  Then pull your gathering strings to make the skirtt the same width as the shorts.  Try to keep your gathers even as you go.  Pin your gathered top to the shorts and then sew them right onto your shorts.  I sew BELOW my gathering stitches.  Once you have your skirt sewn on the way you like it, pull on your long tails of the gathering stithes and pull them right out. 
VOILA....you did it.
IF you are lucky like US you have a Gramma who loves you buys you a cute patriotic swim suit to match.  Then you have a nice simple swim suit cover up and a CUTE kiddo who is happy to be RED WHITE AND BLUE. 
Speaking of cute....this kid COULD NOT BE ANY CUTER!!!! RIGHT????

 Happy 4th of July Ya'll!!!!

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I love the suit! So cute!