Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Year of Books

I got a pretty slow start on the reading this year.   I waited until April to start reading again....I have been a BIT busy=)  I finally decided...hmmmm...if I am gonna sit in a rocking chair and feed Kiddo for 24 hours per day (may be a high estimate), why not read while I am doing it???  Sometimes I read and sometimes I watch Gilmore Girls.  It is a rough life I live here!!! 

BOOK 1, The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould. 
Since a good part of my reading happens at 2, 3, 4, 5 in the morning, I needed something easy to follow and that did not take too much brain power.  No Crime and Punishment or Wuthering Heights for me these days.  This book was great.  The main character is an adopted child (now an adult), who wants to find her biological mother after her adoptive parents both pass away.  She is a midwife, and so she heads to Amish country to get the answers.  This book is a bit of a mystery.  You keep getting clues about her family until you are able to piece the whole puzzle of her past together.  I LOVE learning about the Amish culture.  I find it super interesting.  At one point she breaks up an underage drinking party where a bunch of Amish kids are throwing a bon there dresses and bonnets.  I love that.  I can just imagine driving a horse and carriage to a kegger.  FUNNY!!  Anyway.  This is a cute book.

Book 2---Wildflower Bride by Mary Connealy
My mom gave me this book to read.  It was a very typical Christian Western story.  Love and guns and horses OH MY!!!  Again...good for a non-thinking book.  The main character is a cowboy who is in love with a wild women.  She has been raised by Indians for most of her life and lives like a Native American.  They have a few mishaps in the book and have to fight against some cattle thieves/Indian killers.  Cute little happy love story.  Not gonna win the Pulitzer.

Book 3--Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
This book was labeled as a Christian book, but I think they got their stickers mixed up.  This was CLEARLY a fantasy book.  IF it is a Christian book, it must be a VERY deep metaphorical book that I did not understand.  Anyway.  After getting over the fact that it was about dragons and far away lands, I kinda loved this book.  It was TOTALLY different from what I normally read.  I am not really a Sci-Fi fantasy kinda gal---Yes I read Twilight.  BUT this one kept me hooked.  The main character is a Princess who is beginning to get suitors.  She is trying to find her true love when her kingdom is attacked by a DRAGON.  You heard me...a dragon.  It all goes Fantasy-ey after that=)  I liked everything about this book EXCEPT...the last page which read....THE STORY HAS JUST BEGUN....Coming soon....
ARGHHH a series.  And lucky me...this one was just put out, which means the next one is probably  a year away from coming out.   Darn those dragons!!

Anyway.  I may have started of slow, but then 3 in about a week.  NOT TOO SHABBY!!!


Todd and Christianne said...

I need to get back into READING. Then I will come back to your blog posts and see whats good :-) Oh and I definitely watched all the seasons of Gilmore Girls at least 3 times while I was breast feeding! LOVE IT.

Jake, Bergan and Brinley Hobbs said...

You are inspiring Jessica. I love you. XOXO

The Davis Diaries said...

PERFECT! I come back to the blogging world and find a GREAT book list! I was nearing the end of mine- thanks Jess!! And your new little one is DARLING! I totally hear you about feeding 24 hours- I don't think that estimate is high at all!