Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taco Soup Deliciousness

Long time no post huh???  I have been having some personal problems...
Just kidding, but seriously----still not back into blogging mode quite yet.  Maybe someday I will actually go into my craft room for more than just borrowing scissors. 
As for right now I thought I would share a recipe.....NOT just ANY recipe.....THE RECIPE.  If you have a funeral or a baby....guess what I am bringing over????  This is my GO TO recipe and ALL of my friends know it.  If I am asked to bring food to a party it is either THIS or 7 layer bean dip---ALWAYS:)
So here it is....
Jessica's Taco Soup
(disclaimer: I never make this the same 2 times in a row, so this is a bit of an estimate on ingredients, but it will get you started in the right direction at least.)

In a crock pot or large soup pot add:
2 or 3 cans of diced tomatoes (leave all of the juice for this and ALL cans of ingredients)
2 or 3 cans of beans (black, pinto, or chile, but not kidney)
1 or 2 pounds of cooked ground beef or turkey (or for something different you can add 2 or 3 cans of cooked chicken --like the cans from Costco.  Shred it up a bit and it is like pulled chicken in the soup---mouth-watering)
1 can of corn
1 small can of diced green chiles
1 package of taco seasoning
Either turn on your crock pot and let this simmer all day, OR turn your pot onto med/high until it starts to boil.  Then cover, turn down to low and let simmer.  It really just needs to be warmed up because everything is cooked, but I like to let it simmer at least an hour for flavor. 

Then when you are ready to eat, top with grated cheese, sour-cream, crushed taco chips (or fritos--yum), and cilantro.  Cilantro is a new addition for me, but makes ALLLLLLL the difference.  Don't leave it out:)  I have also added chopped avacado on top, but not everyone loves them the way I do. 

I wish this picture was of MY actual soup, but there is nothing resembling homemade happening at OUR house right now---but whoever made this doesn't it look yummy???!!!


Rosie said...

We are on the same brain wave. I make this ALL the time, same exact recipe only I add enchilada seasoning instead and lime juice. My fav!!

Do you ever return phone calls???!!

Lisa said...

I'm going to have to try this recipe! I haven't made taco soup in AGES!