Monday, July 12, 2010

Living in Luxe Land

I have not given up reading....just blogging apparently.  HMMM...someday I will catch up with my life again.  Is Summer over yet???  No??  Ok then I am still clearly behind. 
A while ago I read the first book in a 4 book series.  LUXE by Anna Godbersen.  I have pretty much been non-stop reading the next 3 books ever since.  I LOVED these books.  Book number 2 was called Rumors.  It continues the story of a group of RICH kids in the late 1800's and early 1900's in Manhatten.  These kids are wealthy but have all sorts of marrying in their class, parent involvement in spouse choosing (YUCK), and horrible backstabbing friends.  The usual rich tabloid type stuff---except from hundred years ago.  So add in carriages, amazing dresses, balls, and tea----I have always wished that tea had caught on in America.  Who does not want a drink and some cake in the afternoon??? is hard to explain the allure of book 2, 3, and 4 without ruining the crazy secrets in book number you will just have to take my word on it---they are entertaining.
Book 3 is
Envy. Seriously---what girl has not thought of rocking a dress like that.  SIGH---too bad a corset and 3 days of not eating is required (or in my case a month of not eating I would assume).

And book 4 is Splendor.  Now the only thing I WILL say is do not read these books if a complete fairytale Disney ending is what you are looking for.  These books have twists and turns and people are ruined and lives are taken and cheating occurs--not all roses and kissing and making up. 
BUT if you love Historical books and need a new obsession for a little while.....I would recommend taking a trip to the library for a little LUXE today---you will not regret it. 
***sidenote---these books are found in the Young Adult section---don't let the detur you....16 back then was pretty much 25 nowadays right????  I mean admit it....WE ALL READ TWILIGHT RIGHT????


marciekoch said...

Twilight?! No! But I downloaded Luxe to my Kindle. I'll start it soon. I just finished "Every Last One" by Anna Quindlen. Slow starter but so good at the end. Miss you! I'm serious about a trip to the lake! Think about it!

Whims And Trims said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to go check them out at the library. YES, I read the twilight series and LOVED them, so I am not above young adult, evidently! ;)